October 14, 2014

Tired Footballers and the Two Match Work Week


Following Raheem Sterling's omission from England's starting line-up against Estonia due to tiredness having played a full 45 minutes just days earlier, this has now been followed by the Germany Head Coach, Joachim Loew, saying that top flight footballers are overworked.

If you do run your own business or are employed in a job requiring you to work 50+ hours per week, please keep in context if tempted to start griping about how tired you feel. Some of these footballers are being asked to play as much as 180 minutes of football in a single week! This can often include long periods of travelling and having to slum it in 5 star hotels.

Before having a whine about working 12 hour days, just take a moment to think about the punishing work schedules of professional footballers who are often paid as little as £100,000 a week. You might want to reflect on that and start contributing a percentage of your salary to the TFSF (Tired Footballers Support Fund).

15 Minute Nap Breaks for Footballers?

15 Minute Nap Breaks for Footballers?

Some ideas to re-energise our flagging footballers include:

  • 15 minute nap breaks with a quarter pint of milk
  • Making half time an hour so they can have a serious power nap
  • Allowing their mums onto the pitch if they look a bit drowsy
  • Shortening the season to two months a year
  • Making matches 10 minutes each way with half time renamed sleepy time
  • Allowing them to nominate a stand-in if they're feeling a bit pooped
  • If they have to collect a trophy at the end of a final, the stadium announcer will say they are going “up the wooden hill” whilst playing a lullaby to help get them settled

These are all just early stage ideas at the moment and undoubtedly an FA* committee will be appointed to investigate just prior to doing absolutely nothing and heading off for a well deserved break.

* Football Association