May 9, 2014

Signs Gone Wrong

First up is The Wig & Pen, a pub in Cornwall, that wanted to let customers know they were still open for business:

Wig & Pen Is Open

It's thirsty work being a sign maker and this one can be forgiven for not getting the spacing quite right!

Perhaps there are a few benefits that we were not told about at church.

Powerful position sign

Perhaps a little more thought could have gone into this design logo.

Pediatric centre

Well that may put a lot of people off.
Jesus sign

They came so close to getting this sign right. Its a shame how a tiny mouse can ruin things.
computer doctor sign

Some may say they got the font style wrong. I think it was a marketing triumph.
megaflicks sign

Inappropriate and wrong in so many ways. Still funny though!
lickable sign

Ah the good old days of smoking advertising.
fight against cancer

In the words of Michael Jackson …
Beat it sign