November 15, 2014

FIFA Corruption Tweets

Following the FIFA led investigation into corruption at FIFA that concluded all was good with FIFA and the Qatar World Cup bid but England might have been a bit naughty, it was pleasing to see some of the FIFA corruption tweets that followed.

First up is dancing footballer, Peter Crouch:

Peter Crouch FIFA tweet

Then God waded in to the fray:

What does FIFA stand for?

What does FIFA stand for? Now you know.

Here's a selection of some of the other top Tweets discussing FIFA, which is not a corrupt organisation.

FIFA corrupt tweets

I've never really understood why there needed to be an investigation into the World Cup bidding process anyway. Qatar is the obvious choice for a football World Cup finals. After all, Association Football was first played in the desert in 1863 when local tribesmen were able to fashion goal posts out of camels and used a sheep's head as a football.

I have not received a gold watch for producing this post.

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