June 9, 2017

Disappointment In UK As Politicians Remain In Charge

The British public awoke after the 2017 General Election (the first one), to the disappointing news that politicians and their self-appointed cronies are still in charge.

UK politicians collage 2017

Before heading off to the gravy train that is the US speaking circuit or by penning their memoirs, these self-serving individuals have another chance to award themselves inflation-busting pay rises and finding devious ways to extract even more dosh out of the public purse by use of creative expenses and staff appointments. Some will even get their portrait painted at the tax-payers expense; such is their massive ego.

Despite an enormous fuck-up, calling an election just before the start of Brexit negotiations when already in government with a working majority, Theresa May wanted to make this election all about her with her ‘strong and stable‘ mantra.

She thought that sidelining her cabinet minister colleagues and simply reciting ‘strong and stable‘ over and over, would be enough to convince the oiks. The appearance on the BBC's One Show was sure to cement her place in history. Her political advisors are still expected to pick up gongs in the New Year's Honours List.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn was able to get the public into an almost hypnotic, trance-like state that made them forget all about his terrorist appeasing ways. All it takes is to wear a dark suit and a white shirt that has been ironed. Knighthoods for his aides are sure to follow.

Tim Farron turned up, Paul Nuttall will claim victory, and Nicola Sturgeon will call for a Scottish independence referendum every couple of months. Leanne Wood and Caroline Lucas are already looking forward to their day out in London for the next leader's debate. Bless.

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