May 20, 2014

Biggus Dickus – Monty Python

From Monty Ptyhon's, Life of Brian: Biggus Dickus.

Including this gem:

  • Pontius Pilate: So, yaw fatha was a Woman? Who was he?
  • Brian: He was a Centurion, in the Jerusalem Garrisons.
  • Pontius Pilate: Weally? What was his name?
  • Brian: ‘Naughtius Maximus'.
  • Pontius Pilate: Centuwion, do we have anyone of that name in the gawwison?
  • Centurion: Well, no, sir.
  • Pontius Pilate: Well, you sound vewy sure. Have you checked?
  • Centurion: Well, no, sir. Umm, I think it's a joke, sir… like, uh, ‘Sillius Soddus' or… ‘Biggus Dickus', sir.
  • Pontius Pilate: What's so funny about “Biggus Dickus? “
  • Centurion: Well, it's a joke name, sir.
  • Pontius Pilate: I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome called ‘Biggus Dickus'.